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Greek To Me

    Anno 1970
    A twenty-year old American show boy working in Paris has his cultural coming out while wandering through the rubble of ancient Greece.


Two shows a night, seven days a week in a world famous Parisian night-club finally takes its toll on a twenty-one year American show boy. He books a three week vacation in southern Greece hoping for sun, fun and, the sexual adventure offered by the Club Med, a relatively new vacation resort back in 1970. On his bus trip from Athens to Patras he encounters a folk far removed from the stereotype Greeks he’d come across in the streets of America. The club is also turns out to be something different than he expected as he discovers that one man’s Elysium can be another man’s Styx.
Inspired by the sword and sandal films of his youth, he signs up for a week’s bus tour through the marvels of ancient Greece which turns out to be a cultural gangbang more than the Greek equivalent to Disneyland for which he hoped. He soon learns that ruins are a lot more than a pile of stones, Argos is not always a name for a gay bar, and the Acropolis isn’t just a coffee shop in New York City.
His savvy traveling companion teaches him that the ancient Greek tragedies were a lot more complicated and captivating than modern day soap operas, that many of the heroes, (and a few of the gods), were switch hitters, and the athletes of old had a penchant for running around without any clothes on.
He spends his last week on Corfu and befriends a lithe Dutch seductress and her handsome French boyfriend who take him on a drug induced mystery tour that almost leaves him a sexual spastic.


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